Anonymous: I'm 13 and I grew up around 2 drug addict parents along with a drug addict older sister. Straight edge was introduced by a man CM Punk (Phillip Brooks) to me, and I live by it everyday. I'm growing up into adult hood drug free, alcohol free, tobacco free, and I believe in being sex free before marriage. Now my question; do people in the world usually get looked down upon for these things? I wanna prepare myself for the life ahead.


It depends how old they are

When they’re really young, they might think “wow, that person is a scared little baby, look at me how brave and daring and old I am for my age stealing this alcohol from my parents and drinking a beer at this party.”

When they get into their twenties, they think things like “wow, that dude is so boring. He never parties as hard as they rest of us.”

And then when they get into their thirties, they think “wow, I wish I’d done something with my life instead of just getting fucked up all the time. Much respect to all those dudes that kept it sober all those years.”

Real talk.

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